Missouri Meerschaum Pipes
Wall/Counter Stand Boards
New Genuine American Hardwood Pipes
Wood Great Dane
MMHW 195 6 count
Wood Country Gentlemen
MMHW 295 6 count
Wood Diplomat
MMHW 1950 6 count
Ozark Mountain
MM2000 12 count
Hardwood bowl pipes. 6 Maple,
6 Cherry, 4 of each straight,
2 of each bent.
Missouri Pride
MM591 12 count
Filtered but totally natural; cob
breathes with incredible ease;
black and amber bits.
MM1000 12 count
Named for the hometown of
the corn cob pipe. Popularly priced
higher-grade cob with black bits.
MM690 12 count
The largest selling filtered cob
pipes in the world, 8 straight & 4 bent.
All bent or all straight Legend boards
can be requested.
MM1950 12 count
Classic American styling with
genuine hardwood fitted bottoms.
Great Dane
MM195 12 count
Quaility cob with genuine hardwood
fitted bottoms. Handcrafted Danish Stylings.
MM36V 12 count
Varnished economical unfiltered
cob; assorted amber and black bits.
MM1776 6 count
Assortment o large, tall bowl
filtered General and the unique
unfiltered Patriot.
  Pony/Mizzou Mix
MM459 12 count
Unfiltered Assortment of staight
short Pony Express and slender
bent Mizzou.
Country Gentleman
MM295 6 count
Extra large dark bowl pipe.
Display Colors May Vary
Vacuum Skin Packs
MM1000SP 12 count
Filtered; Assorted Shapes
MM36SP 12 count
Varnished 2 Pack
Pony Express
MM490SP 12 count
Unfiltered; Varnished
MM690SP 12 count
Filtered; Assorted Stems
Counter Dump Display Boxes
Red Necks
#236CD 30 count
Maple and Cherry
#36NCD 36 count
Natural Finish
#36VCD 36 count
Varnished Finish
Framed Wall Board

Corn Cob Corner (Basic Mix)

MM863 30 count
17" x 21" display board with 6 ea. of Pony Express, Nature's Sweetest, Washington & 12 Legend.
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